I was years into my career as an Interior Designer before I could really grasp how to make a mix of furniture styles come together to make a fabulous room.   

HED Example 4.jpg

Beautiful spaces with a blend of styles may appear unconsidered but realistically most are well thought out.  Bottom line, you can’t just throw pieces together haphazardly and expect it to work.  It takes careful and deliberate use of juxtaposition and contrast.  


Mixing styles demands that you carefully follow proven rules for designing a space, even more so then when you are doing a room in say a Traditional English or Northwest Contemporary fashion.

Color, contrast, texture, scale all need to be in careful balance. This is not for the faint of heart, but if you love the idea, let me give you some easy ways to capture the look.

Do a beautiful mix of Contemporary furniture in the room then add just one, or maybe two, antiques. The contrast between the two styles will be stunning.


Alternatively, design your room completely in traditional furnishings then cover the walls with contemporary art.


If you follow these tips and your space still doesn’t feel right, consider hiring a professional who has a reputation for doing it well. It will save you from expensive mistakes.

Barbara Hyde Evans
Hyde Evans Design