Don’t Disregard these Dimensions

Some rules just make things better! Like traffic rules. We all get around a little easier because of them. Similarly in the home there are some general dimension rules for furniture distance that make a room feel and look better and indeed allow for better foot traffic flow.

Apartment Therapy makes a case for sticking to the rules in this link… 

Apartment Therapy gives a general range for the optimal distance of a chandelier over a Dining Room table.  Another tip is that a smaller chandelier should hang higher over a Dining Room table -

Architonic / Robson Rak / Photo: Brooke Holm / Marsha Golemac

Architonic / Robson Rak / Photo: Brooke Holm / Marsha Golemac

While a larger one should hang lower, closer to the table - 

large chandelier example.jpg

In addition, larger scaled rooms or furniture look better with more generous spacing in some areas, like walkways.

Keep walkways open for free movement within and between rooms, a minimum width of 36 inches when possible. If you’re thinking rules, rules, rules! Here is one you can break. If there’s a natural path that leads from the Front Entry immediately to a back door, break that up with a centering table or sculpture, something delightful that encourages you to linger and enjoy your beautiful home before rushing right back out!