"...black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony." -Coco Chanel

We have a great excuse to highlight this Coco Chanel quote in our blog this month.  It is a tie-in to the title of the upcoming article featuring us in The Seattle Times, “Dreaming in Black and White.” 

Check out the article, written by Sandy Deneau Dunham in this Sunday’s, January 8th, Pacific NW Magazine.

If you love design, you rarely need an excuse to consider the timeless team of black and white.

Whether they are included as part of a greater scheme,

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Oregon Coast_11.jpg

or are the plan for an entire space, Coco Chanel’s words ring true again and again. It is as true for simple spaces with clean lines

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Suncadia_01.jpg

as it is for spaces filled with pattern and variety.

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Capital Hill_07.jpg

Black and white are gorgeous alone in their complementary purity as well as when they are accented with color.  

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Magnolia_04.jpg

In any case, there is no doubt that “the perfect harmony” of black and white in interior design as well as in fashion is just as timeless a duo as the singular lady who spoke these words to describe them.