Powder Rooms - Go Big in these Small Spaces

At first glance the Powder Room is simply a necessary, functional, small space. But in terms of designing the space within the context of the home as a whole, think twice and you’ll realize it is a big space when it comes to design potential! You and your family won’t be the only ones to benefit from the design love you give to the Powder Room.  It is a space that many of your guests will see too.

It is exactly because of its small size that you can make adventurous design choices there.  The only rule, if any, is that is should tie together in some way to the design of the house as a whole.  But in that, the capacity for interpretation is broad! This is especially liberating if you are not particularly adventurous in the main spaces of your home.  So have fun and go bold,

blog photo 1.jpg

Go colorful,

blog photo 2.jpg

Go minimal.

Try dynamic tile flooring, from sources like Cement Tile Shop or Clé Tile,

http://www.cementtileshop.com / https://www.cletile.com/collections/cement-tiles

Splurge for that stunning surface you’ve been eyeing,

Or go clean and contemporary, perhaps explore sustainable. 


Of course, as with any space there are parameters and functionality concerns that will guide and inform decisions.  After those have been addressed, let the fun begin!