How to Make a TV Work

Let's face it; television screens can be a bit of an eyesore in a room.  They can often grab your attention and become a focal point even when they aren't turned on.

Though TVs are far sleeker then in the old days, they can still cause a big black hole that takes away from the beauty of your room. If you have a Media Room, Family Room or TV room, you can skip the TV in the Living Room.  Lucky you.  Your Living Room design will encourage conversations or playing a family game, etc.

However, if you have a Great Room (combined Kitchen, Living, and Dining areas) or the Living Room is the only place to fit in the fans when watching the game, there are ways to make it work.

Photo Source Architectural Digest

If possible avoid mounting the TV above the fireplace for two reasons.  First the fireplace should be the focal point.  Do you really want the TV to compete with it? Second, it places your TV at an uncomfortable viewing height.  The optimal height is seated eye level.  This placement will save you a lot of neck strain. 

Position the TV off to one side of the fireplace, if you can, or elsewhere in the room.  If the spot above the fireplace is all you have, then figure out a way to hide it when you have guests over for holidays or family nights.  There are great ways to do that: a screen, artwork, doors that fold or slide to cover it, etc.  That's a whole blog post in itself.  Since the TV will be high, move the furniture back a bit.  Make your viewing distant 12' instead of 8' and spare your neck.

If you are positioning the TV on or against a wall, disguise it.  And, I don't mean with a mustache and glasses.  Paint the wall dark so the TV blends in or surround it with art. 

Bookshelves make a great surround for a TV, especially if they are a darker natural wood or painted a rich color.

Now, where’s the remote…