Pillows in a room may be small in size but their role can be huge. I mean, HUGE. To the point where they can make or break the setting.  

They can add an accent color that your room is screaming for.

Every room needs an accent color.  Sometimes the smaller the item with the accent color the bigger the impact it makes, so a pillow or two can be a perfect way to accomplish that. Consider either a high contrast color for the pillow, like indigo on a white sofa, or a compliment like gold in a room done entirely of blue and white.

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They can add a touch of cool if the whole room is warm, or vice-versa. 

A room just looks off if it is all done in blue or cool grey without a hint of a warm color.  And the same happens in reverse.  You could feel like you are burning up in an all red or all yellow room without a hint of blue, green or cool grey.

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They can add the texture the room needs.

Limit the texture in a room and the room just looks blah.  Pillows are the perfect way to add a touch of whatever the room needs.  No plushes in the room, like velvet or chenille?  Add a white sheep skin pillow and you have instant cozy.  Everything looks dull? Add a bit of shine with a silk pillow or even something with a little sparkle.  You won’t believe the difference it will make.

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They can add style and make a statement

Want to go trendy but that doesn’t work with your budget for long term?  We run into this a lot.  Invest in good neutral colored furniture and add trendy looks or colors with the pillows.  They are much easier to update than, say, an entire sofa.

Say you love animal prints.  Animal prints come and go in style.  Rather than risk the look of the room getting dated too quickly by papering the walls in a leopard print, cover a pillow in it.  If you tire of the look you can have a new cover made for the it or purchase a readymade one.

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They can change with the season.

I have clients who love a summer look and a winter look particularly in their living room. Some even like a holiday look. Changing accent pillows out is the quickest easiest way to accomplish that.  In the spring/summer go with brighter, lighter looks in cotton and linen. For Fall/Winter switch to velvets in fall colors or sheepskin and add a throw and you’re all set to cozy up around your fireplace.

Veranda Magazine, October 2010

Veranda Magazine, October 2010

They can add comfort.

We designed a home for a couple whose heights where drastically different.  He was 15” taller than she was. Pillows where a lifesaver so that they could both sit comfortably on their sofa. But even if that is not your situation, a lumbar pillow or something to put under you head can make a room more comfortable for yourself and everyone who visits, no matter their size or needs.

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