Pillows in a room may be small in size but their role can be huge. I mean, HUGE. To the point where they can make or break the setting.  

They can add an accent color that your room is screaming for.

Every room needs an accent color.  Sometimes the smaller the item with the accent color the bigger the impact it makes, so a pillow or two can be a perfect way to accomplish that. Consider either a high contrast color for the pillow, like indigo on a white sofa, or a compliment like gold in a room done entirely of blue and white.

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Magnolia Bluff_02 copy.jpg

They can add a touch of cool if the whole room is warm, or vice-versa. 

A room just looks off if it is all done in blue or cool grey without a hint of a warm color.  And the same happens in reverse.  You could feel like you are burning up in an all red or all yellow room without a hint of blue, green or cool grey.

accent pillow.jpg

They can add the texture the room needs.

Limit the texture in a room and the room just looks blah.  Pillows are the perfect way to add a touch of whatever the room needs.  No plushes in the room, like velvet or chenille?  Add a white sheep skin pillow and you have instant cozy.  Everything looks dull? Add a bit of shine with a silk pillow or even something with a little sparkle.  You won’t believe the difference it will make.

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Magnolia_08.jpg

They can add style and make a statement

Want to go trendy but that doesn’t work with your budget for long term?  We run into this a lot.  Invest in good neutral colored furniture and add trendy looks or colors with the pillows.  They are much easier to update than, say, an entire sofa.

Say you love animal prints.  Animal prints come and go in style.  Rather than risk the look of the room getting dated too quickly by papering the walls in a leopard print, cover a pillow in it.  If you tire of the look you can have a new cover made for the it or purchase a readymade one.

animal print accent pillow2.jpg

They can change with the season.

I have clients who love a summer look and a winter look particularly in their living room. Some even like a holiday look. Changing accent pillows out is the quickest easiest way to accomplish that.  In the spring/summer go with brighter, lighter looks in cotton and linen. For Fall/Winter switch to velvets in fall colors or sheepskin and add a throw and you’re all set to cozy up around your fireplace.

Veranda Magazine, October 2010

Veranda Magazine, October 2010

They can add comfort.

We designed a home for a couple whose heights where drastically different.  He was 15” taller than she was. Pillows where a lifesaver so that they could both sit comfortably on their sofa. But even if that is not your situation, a lumbar pillow or something to put under you head can make a room more comfortable for yourself and everyone who visits, no matter their size or needs.

support pillows.jpg

Fall Review: What we’re seeing for Kitchens

While kids are picking out their rulers, notebooks, pens and pencils we are taking a look at kitchens for stand out trends this year and moving forward. Transitional and contemporary kitchens are still the leaders, so it is no coincidence that the trends we discuss here fit into those categories.

Skip the Uppers

Not only does skipping the upper cabinets create a more spacious feel, but it allows for more window space and therefore more natural light and immediate connection to the outdoors.

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Laurelhurst Mid-Century_1_2 copy.jpg

Uniform Island Height

The kitchen island with classic, uniform height is the strong choice for kitchen islands. Islands with a raised bar for seating and to conceal food preparation were popular for a while but are receding as the classic island height proves a more unifying and open solution for the space where everyone loves to gather.

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Clyde Hill_01.jpg


We still see the 3 x 6-inch tile in running bond for backsplashes; they are classic and cost effective.  But smaller and larger tile sizes in patterns such as stacked or herringbone or tiles with texture are fresh alternatives. Also, stone slabs offer a bold statement.  And not just calacatta or carrera marble!



As we all know the white kitchen is a timeless choice. It is still a great option and will continue to be one.  But more and more color is coming into the kitchen including deep blues, hunter greens, grays and blacks with exciting results.

pt. roberts kitchen.jpeg

Cement Tile

There is an argument that cement tile is a sustainable choice.  As a bonus it looks fantastic, adding pattern and visual interest to one of most used spaces in the house.

Fewer Farm House sinks

And, undermount sinks are back as the go-to kitchen basin.

Photo through Granada Tile,

Photo through Granada Tile,

Matte Black Appliances

As an alternative to stainless steel we are seeing more and more appliances in matte black.  Matte black adds stunning contrast and mood.

Photo through Cococozy

Photo through Cococozy

Brass Hardware

It works fabulously with navy, black, green and white. Check, check, check, check.  So, whatever the scheme, brass hardware adds warmth.

brass hardware.jpg

Statement Fixtures Over the Island

We are all in love with sculptural lighting. And the kitchen has felt the influence. We are seeing more statement pieces over the kitchen island as well.

Hide Evans Cabos-299.jpg

And these are just a start! We haven’t even addressed smart kitchens, kitchens embracing the efficiency of ever rapid gains in technology!

Stay tuned for our upcoming and related blogs on Kitchen banquettes and kitchen appliances…




How to Style Your Bookshelves

Bookshelves in any room add not only a homey, cozy feeling but also great texture and visual interest. 

How you arrange your bookshelves, however, is critical.  Sloppy or unorganized shelves can make the whole room look that way.  Here’s everything you need to know to do it right. 

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Bellevue Towers_06 copy.jpg

Work with a Color Scheme

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: books come in all sorts of colors.  That’s okay!

You can still “push” a color scheme by highlighting the colors you are most interested in.  Certain books can be placed in more conspicuous places such as at the top or end of a stack. Then add accessories that follow through with the scheme.  

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Capital Hill_04 copy.jpg

There are ways to take it to the extreme. For example, covering some or all books in paper of the desired color. 

Photo by Design Milk

Photo by Design Milk

In one project we turned the binding inward. I wouldn’t suggest that if you use you books frequently.  It will certainly be more difficult to find what you are looking for!

Give Your Bookshelves a Theme 

Accessorize your shelves with a collection that you already have or start a new collection of whatever interests you.  Lets say you collect globes, antique toys, family photos, stoneware pottery or jars full of shells and nautical prints.  I could go on! 

scissor collection.jpg

Vary How Books are Arranged

Vary the look of each shelf. To accomplish this more easily consider stacking some books instead of arranging them all vertically. 

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Mercer Island_02 copy.jpg

Stop short of filling a shelf with books by adding bookend, a stack of books, or an accessory heavy enough to hold them.  Adding a small accessory on the top of a stack of books will add interest.   A larger accessory on a shelf by itself also works beautifully.  

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Palm Springs_04 copy.jpg

Decorating from Scratch, or nearly Scratch

Let’s say you have a blank slate; you just added on a family room to your home, you’ve moved from a traditional home to a modern Condo, or you just bought your first home.  

blank slate.JPG

Maybe you have inherited a few furniture pieces or want to bring a few things with you from your last place.

How do you make your new space perfect?

Here are a few basics:

Start by photographing and labeling images of things you want to keep; everything from accessories to entire rooms will help you define what you would love to live with.  

When we work with a new client we create what we call a “Style Book.”  After seeing their new space in person or in floor plans, we make a book of tear sheets that hopefully represent every possible style that would work well in the home. We include images of anything that the client wants to keep. We go over it together.  This step is a real time-saver to help rule out any real “no no’s” and to establish a direction.

   Photo: Elle Decor                              Photo: Architectural Digest 

   Photo: Elle Decor                              Photo: Architectural Digest 

Keep in mind that consistency is important in home style, so if it is a new addition to your home, you’ll need to take off from the already established style and color scheme.

Next establish a furniture floor plan.  If you don’t have the budget to have a designer help with the design of the entire room, it might be smart to at least have them complete this step.  If you want to measure your room yourself and take tons of photos of the space, most designers would be happy to work with that.  Having a floor plan that works for you and provides furniture sizing allows you to do your own shopping with far fewer errors.

example_master bedroom floorplan.png

Develop a color scheme that has contrast. Any color palate will fall short without the benefit of black and white added to the scheme.  An easy way to take it from there would be to find a fabric, a piece of furniture, or an accessory that you like and develop the rest of the scheme around that.  Alternatively, you can use one of the images that had a scheme you admired as your inspiration.


Add texture: a plush, like velvet or a handsome flat weave; and shine, such as a glass tabletop. All are great possibilities.  Other options are a rug with tons of texture or window treatments with a touch of shine; either will make a room far more interesting.

Master Bedroom example.jpg

Lighting can make or break a room.  We always make sure seating has a reading lamp nearby (and a place to set a beverage). But don’t stop there. You should vary your sources.  You’ll want general room lighting like a center fixture or recessed can lighting, lamp lighting, and accessory or spot lighting.  Floor lamps can be a great-added touch.  

Lighting example.jpg

Make sure you add accessories to your space for more interest and texture.  Even if you are going for a minimalist look, a plant, a stack of coffee table books, etc., make a room more interesting and personal.  



The foot of the bed and the furniture pieces we often situate there are part of a long tradition in bedroom design.  Pieces like storage trunks or benches have long served practical purposes and, in many cases, still do for that space. But it is certainly not necessary to restrict oneself to preconceived notions of what to place there particularly if traditional solutions don’t fit the size of a room or the way you use your space.

A storage trunk is a traditional choice that offers a perfect place for bed linens and can add character, perhaps be part of a family’s history.

1Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Medina Cabana_04 copy.jpg

A bench has long been the frequent go-to piece for the foot of the bed as it provides an occasional and convenient place to sit and is a great place to toss off the quilt when it gets too warm.


But, think outside the box.  It certainly doesn’t have to be the expected. The single bench could easily be replaced with two small ottomans, two chairs or a loveseat.

3master bedroom6.jpg

For a large space, place a sofa there to act as a seque to an adjacent sitting area.


In contrast, in a small home or Master Bedroom the challenge may be how to fit everything you need. Creative solutions can look fresh and solve the dilemma!

5desk at foot of bed.jpg

A low bookcase is also an efficient choice -


The foot of the bed can also be a great place for a long, low dresser,

7Foot of the bed.jpg

Or a dog bed, so Blackie has his own place to sleep!

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    Photo: Elle Decor

Photo: Elle Decor

And, if you are serious about your television watching…


The list goes on. So, if the traditional options don’t serve your space, fear not.  It can often be the need for an alternate solution that sparks the creation of fresh and fabulous ideas!



Okay you’ve selected the paint color. Now for the sheen.

Here’s what we do, in general:

We love a flat or matte sheen on walls and ceilings.  There was a time, however, when this wasn’t always the smartest choice.  The argument was it wasn’t easy to clean.  It wasn’t wipeable.  So we would up the sheen for kids rooms, family rooms, and hallways. That has changed now that major paint manufacturers have developed wipeable flat sheens. Besides the soft look of the finish, flat paint does a better job of hiding little imperfections and it can more easily be touched up without leaving brush marks.

We go with eggshell for Kitchen and Bathroom walls and ceilings. Eggshell is more wipeable than flat and absorbs less moisture.

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Clyde Hill_03.jpg

If your Kitchen is open to a living area then the washable flat paints are perfect. They cost a bit more, as a matter of fact sometimes twice as much, but it could be well worth it.

Generally speaking we go with eggshell for trim in more casual homes. 

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Eastlake_07.JPG

For more formal or larger homes, we’ll go with satin or semi gloss for trim.

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Magnolia_05 copy.jpg

If you are looking for something more dramatic semi-gloss or even gloss can be stunning on walls and/or ceilings. But, be aware your walls need to be in perfect condition and the paint needs to be applied perfectly. Paints with higher sheen levels show everything. 


Shinier paints reflect light, which creates an amazing affect and a major wow factor. We once did a Powder Room in a black gloss. For dinner parties the clients would light candles and use the dimmers on the lights. Gorgeous.

Barbara Hyde Evans
Hyde Evans Design


I was years into my career as an Interior Designer before I could really grasp how to make a mix of furniture styles come together to make a fabulous room.   

HED Example 4.jpg

Beautiful spaces with a blend of styles may appear unconsidered but realistically most are well thought out.  Bottom line, you can’t just throw pieces together haphazardly and expect it to work.  It takes careful and deliberate use of juxtaposition and contrast.  


Mixing styles demands that you carefully follow proven rules for designing a space, even more so then when you are doing a room in say a Traditional English or Northwest Contemporary fashion.

Color, contrast, texture, scale all need to be in careful balance. This is not for the faint of heart, but if you love the idea, let me give you some easy ways to capture the look.

Do a beautiful mix of Contemporary furniture in the room then add just one, or maybe two, antiques. The contrast between the two styles will be stunning.


Alternatively, design your room completely in traditional furnishings then cover the walls with contemporary art.


If you follow these tips and your space still doesn’t feel right, consider hiring a professional who has a reputation for doing it well. It will save you from expensive mistakes.

Barbara Hyde Evans
Hyde Evans Design


Every fabric line, every rug manufacturer, every paint company, etc. declares their color of the year. As an interior design firm we have the opportunity to view all the latest in fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, carpeting, and every other surface for the home. So we made up the ultimate list. Here it is:


Virtually every major paint company has declared some shade of black as their color of the year. They are a blue/black shade, a purple/black shade and, of course, a charcoal. Not totally new, as we saw plenty of the trend last year especially in wall color and cabinetry. And every good designer will tell you that every room, even an all white one should have black in it, even if it is just a touch. Black adds contrast and drama. Add black to all lavender room and suddenly it’s sophisticated.



It too was big last year but in 2018 it comes on even stronger. Emerald is awesome. Green marble makes a breathtaking statement. And green and black together, killer!

green + black.jpg


Declared the Pantone color of the year, violet is making its way into every fabric line. And, yes, it is daring but makes a stand out wall color.



Let’s face it, jewel tones are back, and red is an important one. It warms up any room as a wall color, a piece of furniture, or just a lamp base or pillow.


So go vibrant, go colorful, make a statement in 2018!

Tis the Season In Seattle

Holiday shopping is in full swing! This month’s blog is dedicated to helping you find that unique gift for the home. Here is a list of Seattle boutiques that offer vintage items, accent pieces, artwork, and objets trouvés that add interest, depth and character to a space. Happy Shopping!

Hyde Evans Design_Interior Design Seattle_Magnolia Bluff_01.jpg


Fancy on Second Avenue in Belltown for unique tables and lighting


Capitol Hill

Totokaelo in Capitol Hill for pillows, throws and objets trouvés

Minna Throw_ Totokaelo.jpg

Butter Home on Melrose Ave. is a loft like space with a country feel filled with items such as wire storage baskets, wall art, and lighting.

Leather Handle wire basket_butter home.jpg

Retrofit Home on East Pike Street has a mid-century vibe with furniture and more.


Watson Kennedy, near Pike Place Market and also on 1st & Spring, is filled with fine accessories and features affordable art prints by Hugo Guinness


Susan Wheeler Home on Airport Way South is packed with pillows, French antiques, and mirrors.

Kirk Albert on Airport Way South for vintage objects and quirky finds

movies sign_kirk albert.jpg

Madison Park

Marine Area 7 in Madison Park for vintage items for the Kitchen - They have a terrific Instagram feed @marinearea7, so you can check out them out before you make the drive.

Pioneer Square

Flora and Henri in Pioneer Square for books, bedding, porcelain, artisan ceramics and much more…



Big Daddy’s on First Avenue South for eclectic, one of kind pieces and antiques

Upper Queen Anne

Stuhlberg’s on Queen Anne Ave. N for more traditional items, including baskets, pewter and silver frames.


pewter wine carafe.jpg